Spiritual Chakra Stone kit 2 small

Visualizations for the Spiritual Chakras


Visualizations for the Spiritual Chakras kit includes a booklet with six stones – Black Obsidian (Earth Star Chakra), Howlite (Higher Crown chakra), White Aventurine (Soul Star Chakra), Labradorite (Divine Creativity Chakra), Rutilated Quartz (Soul Portal Chakra), Selenite (Galactic Chakra).  This booklet helps you connect and explore with these chakras with visualizations and crystal messages.

Product Description

NEW!!  This kit contains 6 stones and a booklet that will help you connect and explore with the higher spiritual chakras to work with your soul plan and blueprint, akashic records and karmic issues, past lives and past life skills, and to explore your dimensional aspects.  The booklet contains information on these chakras and how to connect to them with visualizations and messages from the 6 stones.  

The stones included are:  Black Obsidian for the Earth Star Chakra, Howlite for the Higher Crown Chakra, White Aventurine for the Soul Star Chakra, Labradorite for the Divine Creativity Chakra, Rutilated Quartz for the Soul Portal Chakra, Selenite for the Galactic Chakra.  


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